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The Lord Jesus is always full of mercy and love to his Wife and is continually giving her his Word through the true ministry of Jesus Christ. The True Ministry of Jesus Christ is not a man taking the place of God but it is "God taking the place of a man". When God steps into the office of a man and begins to open his word then be assured a seer is on the scene and God is moving for his people.
THE.SUPER.SIGN_ SHREVEPORT.LA V-17 N-7 FRIDAY_ 63-112940 Prophets are the chief sign. God's chief sign is a prophet. Now I'm going to speak a few minutes about that. They are His Word made manifest for that age, and that's the reason a prophet is always God's chief sign. He has never sent a judgment upon the earth without first sending a prophet. Just see, and search the Scriptures. A prophet is the chief sign of God, to His people,
If you want to know how God is fulfilling his word find a prophet and go to his word. We are taught by William Branham that a prophet is an interpreter of the word in his life. In other words a true seer will catch the Word of the Hour and interpret it to the true believers.
THE.FEAST.OF. THE.TRUMPETS_ JEFF.IN V-3 N-16 SUNDAY_ 64-0719M107 Now, these acts, Malachi 4, and all this, and Hebrews 13:8, "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever," He remains forever the Word, the Word made manifest. That's exactly what He declared the prophets. A prophet doesn't only mean "a seer or forth-teller; " it means "a revealer of the Word that's written." In his own life, his own works, reveals and vindicates the Word of that day; like Noah building the ark; Moses down there; whatevermore; and any promise, the promised Word for that hour.
A Seer is the "Eye" of the Body of the Lord. The entire Word Body sees through the Eye and acts accordingly. The functions of the Word Body are not limited if the Body operates through the Eye. In the natural flesh body the eye is the only body part that is directly attached to the brain. The eye has twenty-two collective nerves to the brain. The Eye transmits direct signals to the mind of the brain and the intelligence transmits its commands accordingly. The Eye is directly connected to the mind and its functions. So is the Eye of the Lord's spiritual Body.
REVELATION 1:7 Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him.
We know the scripture above is not referring to the natural eye. Jesus said that the time would come when the world would see him no more, but we would see him. The scripture is referring to the Eye of the Body of the Lord. The Word Body has Seven Eyes and all seven prophets saw the Word for their day, or the Coming of the Lord.
THE.BREACH.BETWEEN. THE.SEVEN. CHURCH.AGES. AND.THE.SEVEN. SEALS_ JEFF.IN SUNDAY_ 63-0317E 102-1 {235} Zechariah 3:8 and 9: Hear now, O Joshua the high priest, thou, and thy fellows that set with thee: for they are men wondered at: for, behold, I will bring forth my servant the branch. (Christ) For behold the stone that I will lay before Joshua; upon... stone--one stone shall be seven eyes--seven eyes: behold, I will engrave the engraving thereon, saith the LORD of hosts,... I will remove the iniquity of the land in one day. Now, let's turn over to Zechariah 4:10--4:10. Listen.... who has despised the day of small things?... (God in simplicity. See?)... for they shall rejoice, and... see the plummet in the hands of Zerubbabel with whose--with those seven; these are the eyes of the LORD, which run to and fro through the whole earth. The seven eyes--eyes mean seeing. Seeing means prophets, seers. This Lamb had seven horns, and on each horn had an eye: seven eyes. What is it? Christ and His Bride. Seven Church Ages, out of there was seven prophets that went forth, seven seers, eyes. So the last one must be a seer.
The picture is seven prophets removing the iniquity from the land in one day. We know "The Land" is the message wherein the people are dwelling. And we know that "One Day" is the age in which the message comes forth. God sent seven prophets with a message to the people and removed the iniquity of falsehood and denomination in their day and its message. The Body of the Lord is made clean through the Seer who removes the iniquity by the message of the hour. The Seer is not only a prophet but he is the Eye of the Lord running to and fro in through the whole earth; the Seer is the Coming of the Lord.
AMOS 3:7-8 Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets. The lion hath roared, who will not fear? the Lord GOD hath spoken, who can but prophesy?
A Seer catches the mystery of his age and reveals the mystery to the believers for their rapture into the Coming of the Lord. The Word of the prophet is made flesh in the believers as they are sealed into the vision of the Lord for their day and by their message. A great happening appears on earth and the believers break out of the old mold into revival and are en morphed into another form of God in the earth. How are they en morphed? The believer is en morphed by accepting the Word of the prophet; the Coming of the Lord in the earth. The Word en morphed is a Greek word that means "To change from one form to another, to have a transformation of the Eye". The Eye of the Lord in the earth is always sent to bring to us transformation and to enable us to see the move of the Lord in the earth.
Without the "Eye" we can not catch the move of the Lord around us. The Lord was clear that he would do nothing without revealing it to his "Eye"; the Seer in the earth. The "Eye" must be single and when it is single the whole body is full of light. There is no double vision, the eye is focused as the Seer reveals one thing, Christ in the earth!
LOOK.AWAY.TO. JESUS_ JEFF.IN V-2 N-17 SUNDAY_ 63-1229E219 Here not long ago, I had a pair of field glasses. I was trying to watch some antelope, or an antelope over in a field. And my son was trying to show me, and he is quite a bit younger. So he said, "Take them glasses, daddy! There stands the antelope, right out there!"I said, "I can see him with my natural eye."He said, "Take these glasses."220 When I looked, I seen about ten antelopes, but the glasses was out of focus. And when I went to focus them in, all ten of them become one.221 And if you will focus your mind to God's Word, the three will be One. See? But your ecclesiastical glasses get out of focus when you try to make Him three. He is One. See?222 But it depends on what you are looking at. What do you see when you do look? Remember, you can only see Him as you look at Him through the Word. You can't look at Him through a textbook. You can't look at Him through a creed. You will see two or three gods, and everything else, in them creeds. But look at Him through the Word, and you'll see that He is "Emmanuel, 'God made flesh among us.'" He said, "I am God, and besides Me there is none other." He is God.
When the Eye is single you can see the Coming of the Lord. The Seven Eyes of the Lord brought a single revelation and that is his coming to each age through a Seer walking the earth. The Seer caught what God wanted him to do and fulfilled his part of the mystery in earth. The believer caught the Coming of the Lord through the prophet of the age and focused on the Word of that prophet. Their Eye was en morphed and they saw the Word of their age. The rejecters of the Word prophet missed the Lord's return in their age and were plagued with the worst plague to ever strike an age; unbelief. When unbelief strikes the age dies and all that is left is the blackness of ashes as the believer was raptured out of the age before the judgment strikes the rejecting world.
VICTORY.DAY_ SIERRA.VISTA. AZ SUNDAY_ 63-0421333 Remember, a complete victor, and single your focus on Jesus Christ. He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. And someday, with your eye single-looking, He will come from the sky with a Shout, the Voice of the Archangel . The dead in Christ shall rise.
Many people think the above scripture is a future event. However, the Seer to our age focused our Eye to the true revelation of the resurrection. He said, "If you have a Seed of God in you when it is germatized IT IS THEN that it rises in resurrection. The Seer en morphed our Eye to see the resurrection in a person before death, not after death. When you see this revelation your Eye will single in and focus on the correct resurrection and stop searching in the future for a fairy tale fable resurrection. Look below at the Seer's view of the resurrection and let him focus your Eye to the True Word.
I.AM.THE.RESURRECTI ON.AND.LIFE_ CAMPBELLSVILLE. KY MONDAY_ 63-111853 And any perverted life from God cannot live again. We must be born again.54 But as surely as that seed is germitized, it's then it rises again. There's no way to keep it from rising again. It's got to, because it's germitized and its botany life is in it.55 Now, a believer has the Life of Christ within him, Who rose up first for our justification, to prove there is resurrection of the human life, a human body, that we live again because we been germitized; in other words, born again, of the Holy Spirit.
The human body was dead in the things of the world, an alien to the economy of God and walking dead in the earth. And the resurrection came! The Person of Jesus Christ germatized the Seed Life of God within us and we resurrected to live again. How can this be? He said, "In other words, we are born again of the Holy Spirit". The Seer en morphed our eyes to Catch the Word Body in us and see that when it woke up to the Word of the day it resurrected our human body to a greater form by the new birth. When a Seer focuses on something, that is our Eye on the move, and he is en morphing the Word for our day so we can see and believe. Do not miss this simple truth or you will miss the coming of the Lord in your day.
Focusing our Eye on the correct position of the resurrection was one of many things that the Seer did for us as he ran to and fro in the earth. If you miss the Coming of the Lord through his prophet's then you will never catch the move of the Lord in the earth. If your Eye is en morphed to see the Coming of the Lord then you will see Eternity unfolding before you as every thing that is Eternal will open before your "Eye".
IT.IS.THE.RISING. OF.THE.SUN_ JEFF.IN V-3 N-12 SUNDAY_ 65-0418M309 And the very seven Angels, which represented the Seven Churches all completed, and we couldn't even see It. They did, they took the picture, not us. And there He is, standing there, Supreme Judge; showing that He is Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. What identification! Quickening Power did that to us.310 Quickening Power lets us see His coming. Quickening Power snatched us from death to Life. Quickening Power gives discernment; to know what's wrong with you, and what to do; what you have done, and what you ought not have done; and what you should have done, and what you will be. Quickening Power, all these things! Our Lord Jesus is so full of quickening Power, He was all of It, together.
God quickens your "Eye", your Seer, to catch the Coming of the Lord and you are en morphed because you are a believer in the Word that is revealed by God's Seer; his Eye in the earth. There is no other way, no other God, no other nothing that will awaken you to the Coming of your day and its message. We will look at the many things that our Seer caught in this day and it will amaze and shock some as we look through the "Eye" of the Body and single our focus to believe the Word before us. The Seer is here, we are en morphed and my prayer is that through this series we can see reality by focusing our glasses to catch the Word for our day.
WHAT.IS.THE. ATTRACTION. ON.THE.MOUNTAIN_ JEFF.IN V-8 N-8 SUNDAY_ 65-0725E147 Everything that... That shall never die. It's constantly unrolling Itself. From the very thing happening, to the picture being Jesus standing looking at us; and now exactly on Sunset Mountain , and the sunset Light. The evening Light has come, God vindicating Himself. What is it? It is the facts that God and Christ are one. The "white," how many seen it, the white wig upon Him, as we talked in Revelation 1? See, the Supreme Deity, Supreme Authority; no other voice, no other god, no other nothing! "In Him dwells the fullness of the Godhead bodily." The Angels Themselves was His wig. Amen.
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